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Based out of Portland, Oregon, Clark Law & Associates, LLC, handles various accidental injury and damage to property cases primarily in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties. Additionally we accept cases any place in Washington State or Oregon.

oregon personal injury attorneys 

 -Auto Accidents
- Uninsured Motorists
- Underinsured Motorists
- Medical bill recovery for vehicle accidents in spite of fault as much as $15,000.00 in Oregon
- Diminished Vehicle Value
- Undervalued Vehicle Claim
- Rental-car Reimbursement
 -Oregon Wrongful Deaths
- Medical negligence because of a vehicle accident
- Manslaughter due to a defective product
- Wrongful Death as a result of negligence from another
 -Dog Bites
 -Exotic Animal Bites
 -Premises Liability
- Fall
- Trip and Fall
 -Product Liability
 -Victim's Rights

Most plaintiff's personal Injury cases are accepted over a contingency fee basis. Some smaller cases worth below $10,000.00 may even be entitled to attorney fees and charges under ORS 20.080 after a lawsuit is filed. When someone is accusing you of negligence and you also need to have a defense attorney, you ought to enquire about if your insurance carrier offers you legal counsel, should you have insurance. Otherwise, for defense of civil cases I charge my normal hourly rates or offer to do the case over a flat fee basis. Call (503) 238-1010 for the free initial phone consult to find out while we are willing to accept your case.

What is the statute of limitations? It is the deadline to go to court. Unless you file a lawsuit from the deadline, you'll probably be barred from recovering any compensation to your injuries. You'll find limited exceptions. For example if you have an written tolling agreement, then your time limit can be tolled per the agreement.
What is the time limit on a compensation for injuries case in Oregon? Under O.R.S. 12.110(1), it really is generally a couple of years. However, there are several exceptions.
Are there more deadlines in Oregon aside from the time limit? Yes. If the injury is due to a governmental agent or employee, tort claim notice under ORS 30.275(2)(b) should be submitted within 180 days. In case your injury is a result of a drunk driver just because a bartender served too much alcohol, you must provide bar proper dram shop notice within one full year under ORS 471.565(3)(b). Under ORS 30.905 there are additional deadlines in defective products claims. ORS 12.110 provides even more deadlines on cases, such as malpractice claims. The Oregon legislature changes legislation from time to time, so it is advisable to call (503) 238-1010 so a legal professional can determine your deadlines after hearing the facts of your particular case.
What is the statute of limitations in Washington State? Under RCW 4.16.080 the statute of limitations is usually 3 years in the case web hosting injury. However, there are many exceptions.
What's the likelihood i will settle my case with out a lawsuit?
Approximately 1 / 2 of every case settle before litigation dependant on a demand package. A requirement package includes a requirement letter which outlines the reality, theories of liability along with a interest in an arrangement. Added to the demand letter are corroborating documents. Usually following a demand package is distributed to the insurer of your at-fault party, money offers are made or liability is denied. If liability is denied, a decision has to be made when it is worth filing a case. If the settlement offer is made then this negotiated offer might be accepted. If settlement is not negotiated, the choice is to file case. Sometimes a mutually acceptable money is negotiated right after a case is filed.

oregon personal injury attorneys 

If a case cannot be settled after that the lawsuit is filed, it's ready for either arbitration or trial. Depositions are taken and evidence is exchanged. Sometimes after depositions are taken and evidence is more fully exchanged, the truth settles. Otherwise the truth travels to arbitration or trial.
Disclaimer: Legal facts about this site is only for general purposes and may 't be timely updated. Any information about this website is very little substitute for a lawyer and using the current laws in your case.

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